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Acton Mobile, “Acton,” is a Baltimore, MD-based provider of modular space rental services to the construction, commercial, industrial, education, healthcare and government markets.

With a fleet of more than 20,000 units and a nationwide network of branches,  Acton is dedicated to meeting core customer needs. Acton offers rental, delivery, setup, and maintenance services, pick up of temporary mobile office trailers, and the sale of both new and used units.

Providing exceptional customer service and a superior customer experience is one of Acton’s core values. Acton offers a wide array of modular buildings in the construction, education, industrial, healthcare, infrastructure, and engineering markets. From steel container office storage combination trailers to prefabricated mobile office trailers, Acton supplies the needs of its customers on time and within budget.

Acton handles all aspects of a customer project, be it small mobile office trailers or large modular buildings. Acton’s fleet of temporary mobile office trailers and construction storage containers can meet all federal, state, and local codes.

Conforming to OSHA and ADA codes is extremely important, and Acton provides mobile office trailer accessories, such as steps and ramps that meet these requirements. Acton’s sales consultants work closely with customers to design the best layout for their temporary space and then coordinate directly with expert factory partners to ensure each customer’s mobile office trailer space is provided exactly to their specifications and applicable codes.

About Acton Mobile
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