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Custom Modular Construction

You Need It. We'll Build It.

Acton Mobile provides turnkey custom modular construction to meet your specific requirements. Your choices are almost unlimited, from a single-wide footprint to a multi-unit complex.

and much more!

Benefits of Custom Modular Construction by Acton Mobile

Accelerated Construction Timeline
Modular construction can start before site construction begins or occur in parallel. Plus, in our factory there no lost construction days due to bad weather.

High Quality Construction
Custom modular construction by Acton Mobile takes advantage of building materials that are often not available for site-built construction. Modular assembly creates extremely durable structures. In fact, modular construction can yield a product that is more durable than traditionally built structures.

Sustainable Construction
Optimized use of construction materials and less on-site impact makes custom modular construction  a sustainable alternative for most projects. After assembly, superior thermal performance of modular construction lowers energy use over the life of the structure.


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