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Q. Who is responsible for the maintenance and repair of the AC?
A. Acton services the AC unit before it is delivered to you and we provide two extra AC filters to get you started. The monthly maintenance is your responsibility to prevent dirty filters from causing failure of the AC or components.

Q. Is routine maintenance and cleaning included in my lease?
A. The daily trailer maintenance and cleaning is your responsibility while on lease, and the unit should be returned in the same condition as it was received (normal wear & tear expected).

Q. What if we notice a small leak when it rains?
A. Small leaks can cause big damage over time. Report all leaks immediately and we will repair the leak at no cost to you, provided it is not caused by any unauthorized modifications or damage done to the trailer while on lease with you.

Q. My HVAC thermostat is not working correctly. The heat isn’t shutting off when the temperature is reached. Can you send someone out?
A. First, check to see if there are batteries in the thermostat. Put fresh ones in first, and call us back if it is not functioning after replacing them. It will save you a back charge. This is covered on the plastic Service Guide that is in the unit. View HVAC Preventive Maintenance Tips.

Q. Do you provide phone or data jacks?
A. Our buildings are not built with them. However, if a prior customer has had them installed, we do not remove them. Damage charges could occur if they are not installed properly.

Q. What are the electrical requirements for your trailers?
A. Each trailer, whether it is an 8′-wide or a 12′-wide, requires a 100-amp, single phase service. If you are renting a double-wide or anything larger, each piece will have its own panel box and electrical hook-up. Our complexes are not wired together as one building.

Q. Can your trailers be used for residential needs?
A. No, our buildings are not built or coded for residential use.

Q. Who is responsible for permitting?
A. The customer is required to obtain any necessary permits depending on the local county or municipality. We can furnish you with the plans needed, and any cost for plans will be shown on your proposal.

Q. What are the ADA requirements?
A. It is the Americans with Disabilities Act that ensures that your trailer has legal access for any handicapped individual trying to enter your job trailer. This includes decks & ramps, doorways and RR facilities. (These rules are interpreted in different ways depending on the local jurisdiction.)

Q. What does the customer need to do prior to the arrival of the trailer?
A. The customer need to obtain a permit, if applicable. Contact your utility provider to inspect and mark the site. Have a level, truck-accessible site.

Q. Will Acton spot the utilities?
A. No. It is the customer’s responsibility to have a site survey done prior to the trailer’s arrival. This will prevent potentially hazardous situations from coming up.

Q. Can I have someone else haul the unit?
A. No. It is Acton’s policy that we use only our own trucks or verified and approved haulers to haul our trailers.

Q. Can I move the trailer with my pickup truck to save the freight charges for a lease?
A. No. You may not on a leased unit due to insurance requirements and liability. If you purchase the unit you may do as you see fit.

Q. Do you have holding tanks for the waste water?
A. Absolutely. Please ask your Acton representative for more information.

Q. Do I have codes in my area?
A. There are state and local codes in most if not all areas in which we operate. The customer and Acton must comply with them. We'll help you ensure all OSHA workplace regulations are met as well as federal, state and local code requirements. 

Q. Am I allowed to move my unit from spot to spot onsite or from site to site myself?
A. No. Acton requires that you allow us to perform this service for you on leased units for different reasons. First, there is always the possibility of damage to the unit when it is being moved, and we prefer to carry that responsibility. Also, if a unit has any service calls that arise because the unit has been moved (i.e. trailer out of level), Acton will not be liable to repair them.

Q. Will Acton move or relocate a non-Acton trailer?
A. We will be glad to move any unit that a customer owns, for a relocation charge, whether it was purchased through Acton or not. We will not move another company’s leased unit.

Q. My trailer is going into a bad neighborhood. What solutions do you offer for security?
A. Acton offers tamper-resistant, window security screens and door bars to prevent unauthorized access into your trailer. Also, Acton is an authorized dealer of the Tattletale Alarm System, which can secure your mobile office and storage unit.

Q. Can we get someone to come out and change our filters?
A. The initial filter is provided with the unit. It is the customer’s responsibility to change them. If an Acton service technician comes out, there will be a service call charge.

Q. Since I am buying this trailer, what happens if I have problems with it?
A. If the trailer is new, it has a one year factory warranty. Outside of the respective warranties, there would be a service charge.

Q. Do your trailers include heat and air?
A. Yes. The 8′-wide trailers have window AC units and baseboard heat. Most 10′-wide units and larger units have central HVAC. Click Here for HVAC Preventive Maintenance Tips.

Q. Are your bathrooms self contained?
A. No. The plumbing fixtures are stubbed below the floor level for final on-site connections by others at the customer’s expense.

Q. Can we get a National Account with your company?
A. Yes. Contact your Acton sales consultant or the Marketing Department at our corporate office. Once credit is approved, and a master lease document signed, you will be able to order from any Acton location and Acton will invoice your company after delivery and any required set up has been completed.

Q. Do you offer options with your trailers?
A. Many! Steps, window security screens, Tattletale Portable Alarm System, custom decks, handicap ramps. Just ask your Acton sales consultant for all of the options.

Q. When do you begin billing me rent?
A. Once the unit(s) are delivered and set-up at your site, you will be billed.

Q. Do you Prorate your rent?
A. No.

Q. Do you require a security deposit?
A. No.

Q. What are your billing terms?
A. Net 10 days from date of invoice.

Q. Can my Acton Sales Consultant assist me with more than trailers for my jobsite?
A. While Acton would be happy to fulfill your trailer needs, your Sales Consultant would be happy to arrange any or all of your additional construction jobsite supplies, freeing up your time for the more important things!.

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